Fan Expo 2008

25 08 2008

Well it was nice attending the convention again. The boys and i had a good time. Got a few books and some geek appearel. I wish I took some more photos to show you some of the wacky costumes people were wearing, perhaps next year.


Girl at fan expo 2008

25 08 2008

I thought girls who attended these types of events were of a different variety.

Use ATM to charge iphone

24 08 2008

Chad is the man, unplugs the ATM to charge his iPhone. Fantastic – now gimme my 50 bucks.

Arrested by storm trooper

24 08 2008

I’m innocent!

Boba Fett

24 08 2008

Boba Fett and I at theĀ  fan expo.


24 08 2008

Well tomorrow I’m planning to head down to FanExpo 2008. I haven’t been in years, last time I was there it was only comics and Sci-Fi. Now it touches up on all things geek, video games, horror and the usual. Looking forward to it, Buzz Aldrin is going to be there and Alex Ross (my favourite comic illustrator). I’ll try to post some stuff from there. Anyway I’ve been playing a bit more with the Wacom 12wx tablet, inlight of tomorrows outing I sketched a classic in the world of comics. I’ haven’t drawn Spiderman since I was kid.

Street festival

23 08 2008

Crazy chick suspended from 8 ballons at a street festival in Toronto.