12 11 2008

Well Obama won the election. I was sitting that night in front of my computer with PhotoShop open and the kid was fed and put to bed. Oh what to do? I could play Team Fortress or CounterStrike, but the game I really want to play (Left 4 Dead – a game about zombies) does not come out until the 18th. However I was feeling a bit creative and not really in the gaming mood. So why don’t I merge all these things together.

Here is a sample of the game I was talking about. It’s basically the best concept ever.. Shotguns and zombies. Plus it’s made by a company that makes only the best games, Valve. Sure there are alot of great games that came out recently like Fall Out 3 and Far Cry 2, but they’re missing one crucial component. ZOMBIES! (Actualy Fall Out 3 might have em)

So with L4D on the brain and Obama everywhere I thought – Hey what if I Zombify Obama? Hell why stop there? What if the world was infected?


Mccain Zombie
Palin Zombie

bush Zombie
Blair Zombie
oprah Zombie
Got tired around this one..
At this point Im getting delirious.
And this was a sign that I had enough.
technology ZombifiedZombies are kick ass though.




4 responses

13 11 2008

L4D is awsome and the demo is out but this article kicks some serious ass… nice job

13 11 2008

i ❤ the pope one, with the whole crowd zombified 😛

15 11 2008
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2 06 2009
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