Soldier Sketch

7 08 2008

This sketch was another doodle that grew and grew. I stopped and just did a burn to give it a more dramatic feel. I don’t know why I did a soldier, maybe the news was on in the background – its not like I’m a war guy or anything.

Speaking about war, in regards to the current conflict in Iraq I found out some interesting facts – like the Petro Dollar. All oil is traded in Petro Dollars (US dollars). The States makes a killing off this. If one major oil producing country were not to trade in Petro Dollars an acconomist described the effect on the US ecomony equal to an atomic bomb. Well guess what, in the late 90’s Saddam was planning on selling his oil to Germany, France and Russia in Euros after the sanctions on Iraq were lifted. You do the math. So when you think about it (I hate to say this) Bush and his fellow band of war loving dudes had no choice but to invade Iraq. Well check that, they did have a choice but they picked the greedy route. Here is a great BBC documentary on the subject.


Popped My Cherry Blog

7 08 2008

Weeee my first ever blog post…..hmmm need to say something witty, smart, provoking plus amusing as my opening line and first blog sentence. I got it! I’m BATMAN! Great segway into the introduction of this blog. Drawing, Photography and just random thoughts of stuff. A mixed bag if you will.

Just watched the Dark Knight and thoroughly enjoyed it . I guess I had Batman on the brain yesterday when doodling in PhotoShop, I tend to do that once in awhile. The thing is I usually just delete these doodles – what a shame I know. So I guess I am confessing the true reason why I decided to set up a blog, so I can save my little pre-destined to be deleted doodles, and of course sound off on various things. In any case here is my quick sketch