Left 4 Dead Demo, Left Me Wanting More.

14 11 2008

left_4_dead_pc_rp01boxart_160wI am totally loving Left 4 Dead. I have never played a co-op game before and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Valve as usual has created a game that plays really well. The graphics might not be Crysis caliber but that’s okay, it means more people can play it, not to mention a really good rig plays it like a hot knife through butter. That’s not to say the graphics are bad, in fact far from it. The graphics are fantastic, it’s just that they are not the central focus of the game like Crysis. Personally I have gotten over the graphics ogling in video games anyway. I’d rather have a good gaming experience rather then yelling “Wow that glass looks like real glass!”. There are some bugs in the A.I. and there needs to be some tweaks here and there. It is a demo right now after all. But man I can not wait to see the rest of this game, the demo is a pure tease. It’s nice but you want it to keep going. The 18th is only 3 days away. w00t!

I’ve been getting positive feedback over the last post, Zombification. It’s fun to just goof around in photoshop once and awhile. Here is yet another goofing. Left 4 Dead aims to put you in the middle of zombie action movie. As the game loads they display a movie like poster that relates to the campaign your about to play. The first campaign (No Mercy) is about getting to the hospital in hopes of being rescued via helicopter from the zombie apocolypse. The other night I was playing with a few guys online and we were relating the characters in the game to the current election that just past. It was funny –  you just had to be there. So I thought that it would be funny if that what the loading screen looked like, so I made it. LOLz. I use the Commish (AKA Vic Mackey from the sheild) as Joe the plumber because I couldn’t find a good shot of Joe that I could use.