Superman is out! Ya whatever.

8 08 2008

I guess I’m in a Superhero kind of mood. I was just scribbling away and this guy came out. I wish I could say that I meant to give him a – casual look, but the truth is, it just came out that way.

Superman always reminds me of when going to the movies were a big deal.

Back in the 80’s I remember the Imperial 6, my parents took me there to see Superman 2. The theatre had balconies, red carpet and the smell of popcorn was very distinct (that smell has changed since). I thought wow what a great place, what a treat. Most theatres were like that. When I got home me and the boys would hang out on the front stoop and talk about our favorite parts and what other comic book movies would be cool. I recall spider-man topping the list. Another movie related thing that has been forgotten thanks to on demand services, was when a feature film was shown on TV. Remember this was before VHS – it was a big deal. The entertainment section of the news paper, on page one would have “Superman I flies into your living room tonight!” with a big picture of Christopher Reeves. My friends and I would be playing ball hockey and there would be one kid who would stop in the middle of a break away and ask “Hey, what time is it?” – 7:50…. “Holy shit, Return of the Jedi is on in ten minutes!”. The mass exodus from the park quickly begun after that statement. Today it’s hard to get that genuine excitement, everything is so accessible which I guess is a good thing. But when you can have burgers whenever you want you just don’t appreciate it as much.