Testing out my new Wacom.

20 08 2008

Well I just dove in without thinking and got one of those wacom tablets, you know the one with the screen that you can work directly on. It’s called the 12wx. So far it’s been great. The only issue I had to do a little research on was the video card. I already have a dual screen set up. The Tablet behaves like a another monitor. Initially I was just going to split the second screen using a DVI splitter. After reading some post in forums that was not the best idea. What I had to do was get a 2nd video card. I opted for a cheaper one (8600) than the one I have now (8800 GTX). the great thing abou this whole thing I learn something new, that you can install 2 different cards on your system. I thought they had to be identical, but that is only if your gunning for SLI or Crossfire. I just needed to run a tablet. I have to say that I also have a Wacom Intuos 3 6×8, that is what I was primarily using before now. Drawing and seeing what your drawing on the tablet needless to say feels so intuitive and natural, I think I’ll be posting my old Tablet on Ebay soon. Well here is my first quick sketch with it.

By the way I was just doodling, and this guy came out. He’s not someone I know or anything. I used the drawing to experiment with different coloured light sources at the end. I liked the way the Right side came out.. as for the other side – perhaps green wasn’t the greatest idea – but the effect adds alot. I’ll be applying alot more multiple light sources to my drawings in the future. L8s!