12 11 2008

Well Obama won the election. I was sitting that night in front of my computer with PhotoShop open and the kid was fed and put to bed. Oh what to do? I could play Team Fortress or CounterStrike, but the game I really want to play (Left 4 Dead – a game about zombies) does not come out until the 18th. However I was feeling a bit creative and not really in the gaming mood. So why don’t I merge all these things together.

Here is a sample of the game I was talking about. It’s basically the best concept ever.. Shotguns and zombies. Plus it’s made by a company that makes only the best games, Valve. Sure there are alot of great games that came out recently like Fall Out 3 and Far Cry 2, but they’re missing one crucial component. ZOMBIES! (Actualy Fall Out 3 might have em)

So with L4D on the brain and Obama everywhere I thought – Hey what if I Zombify Obama? Hell why stop there? What if the world was infected?


Mccain Zombie
Palin Zombie

bush Zombie
Blair Zombie
oprah Zombie
Got tired around this one..
At this point Im getting delirious.
And this was a sign that I had enough.
technology ZombifiedZombies are kick ass though.


Testing out my new Wacom.

20 08 2008

Well I just dove in without thinking and got one of those wacom tablets, you know the one with the screen that you can work directly on. It’s called the 12wx. So far it’s been great. The only issue I had to do a little research on was the video card. I already have a dual screen set up. The Tablet behaves like a another monitor. Initially I was just going to split the second screen using a DVI splitter. After reading some post in forums that was not the best idea. What I had to do was get a 2nd video card. I opted for a cheaper one (8600) than the one I have now (8800 GTX). the great thing abou this whole thing I learn something new, that you can install 2 different cards on your system. I thought they had to be identical, but that is only if your gunning for SLI or Crossfire. I just needed to run a tablet. I have to say that I also have a Wacom Intuos 3 6×8, that is what I was primarily using before now. Drawing and seeing what your drawing on the tablet needless to say feels so intuitive and natural, I think I’ll be posting my old Tablet on Ebay soon. Well here is my first quick sketch with it.

By the way I was just doodling, and this guy came out. He’s not someone I know or anything. I used the drawing to experiment with different coloured light sources at the end. I liked the way the Right side came out.. as for the other side – perhaps green wasn’t the greatest idea – but the effect adds alot. I’ll be applying alot more multiple light sources to my drawings in the future. L8s!


18 08 2008

Here is the King painting from the speed paint video.


14 08 2008

Surfing YouTube awhile back I stumbled apon some amazing speed painting examples. I just had to find out how it was done and try one out my self. I was reading a Steven King book at the time, so I thought why not try out painting Steve. The end result doesn’t really look like Mr King, probably because I wasn’t concentrating on the painting but rather the technical aspect of it. Well maby that’s an excuse, I have never been any good at drawing likeness. In any case it was a fun project and will probably do another in the future.

Anatomy Sketch

14 08 2008

Just goofing around with anatomy.

Superman is out! Ya whatever.

8 08 2008

I guess I’m in a Superhero kind of mood. I was just scribbling away and this guy came out. I wish I could say that I meant to give him a – casual look, but the truth is, it just came out that way.

Superman always reminds me of when going to the movies were a big deal.

Back in the 80’s I remember the Imperial 6, my parents took me there to see Superman 2. The theatre had balconies, red carpet and the smell of popcorn was very distinct (that smell has changed since). I thought wow what a great place, what a treat. Most theatres were like that. When I got home me and the boys would hang out on the front stoop and talk about our favorite parts and what other comic book movies would be cool. I recall spider-man topping the list. Another movie related thing that has been forgotten thanks to on demand services, was when a feature film was shown on TV. Remember this was before VHS – it was a big deal. The entertainment section of the news paper, on page one would have “Superman I flies into your living room tonight!” with a big picture of Christopher Reeves. My friends and I would be playing ball hockey and there would be one kid who would stop in the middle of a break away and ask “Hey, what time is it?” – 7:50…. “Holy shit, Return of the Jedi is on in ten minutes!”. The mass exodus from the park quickly begun after that statement. Today it’s hard to get that genuine excitement, everything is so accessible which I guess is a good thing. But when you can have burgers whenever you want you just don’t appreciate it as much.

Soldier Sketch

7 08 2008

This sketch was another doodle that grew and grew. I stopped and just did a burn to give it a more dramatic feel. I don’t know why I did a soldier, maybe the news was on in the background – its not like I’m a war guy or anything.

Speaking about war, in regards to the current conflict in Iraq I found out some interesting facts – like the Petro Dollar. All oil is traded in Petro Dollars (US dollars). The States makes a killing off this. If one major oil producing country were not to trade in Petro Dollars an acconomist described the effect on the US ecomony equal to an atomic bomb. Well guess what, in the late 90’s Saddam was planning on selling his oil to Germany, France and Russia in Euros after the sanctions on Iraq were lifted. You do the math. So when you think about it (I hate to say this) Bush and his fellow band of war loving dudes had no choice but to invade Iraq. Well check that, they did have a choice but they picked the greedy route. Here is a great BBC documentary on the subject.